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Wonders of Water Pitcher

Drinking water can often be filled with various minerals and compounds that can alter the taste of the water you’re drinking and some can actually be harmful. A quality water pitcher can filter the water to remove anything that’s potentially harmful, but also the things that make water taste bad. There are some water pitchers that are also designed to add flavors to your water through fresh fruits and vegetables. The type of pitcher you choose all depends on what you’re looking for in a cool glass of water. It’s also very convenient to keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator at all times to ensure that you have cold water when you need it. This can save a lot of money over buying bottled water, plus it’s more friendly to the environment.

If you need a water pitcher to filter some of the chemicals and additives out of your water, there are many to choose from. Water often has chlorine added to it for cleanliness but many people don’t care for the taste. A good filter will remove the taste of these added compounds and allow you have a refreshing glass of water where you taste nothing but the taste of clean water. A filter can also remove minerals like copper, cadmium and mercury which can actually lead to illness if consumed over a long time period. You may not even realize you have these in your water until you try the water after filtering it. The improvement in taste after being filtered can be amazing.

If you don’t need to filter your water, but are looking to add a little something to your daily glasses of water, you can get an infusion pitcher. These allow you to add flavors to your water from fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only are you getting an exciting flavor to enhance the water, you’re also getting the benefits from the produce. Lemon or lime water can be wonderful tasting in hot weather. Adding fresh berries to your water is also a wonderful way to ensure that you get the right amount of water per day to stay hydrated.

Keeping a water pitcher from Novita in your refrigerator can help remind you to drink water throughout the day as you’re supposed to for health benefits. It’s more convenient to have cold water each time you open the refrigerator and will often lead to making better choices when you’re thirsty. This can also save money as you’re not having to buy plastic bottles of water and you’re not tossing all that plastic in the garbage once you’re done.