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What is Oxygen Analyzers

An oxygen analyzer is a device for measuring the proportion of oxygen in the liquid or gas being analyzed. There are several parts to an oxygen analyzer, most importantly the filter, bubbler unit if liquid is to be analyzed, and the actual sensor and meter itself. Oxygen analyzers could be used for anything from measuring the concentration of O2 in an aquarium fish tank at home, to measuring car emissions.

The exact equipment used depends on what precisely you wish to measure, and the way you want to measure. The most commonly available are zirconia models, because they are rugged and able to withstand harsh environments such as prolonged submersion in water or exposure to hot gases. Oxygen Analyzer is also use in Inert Gas System in oil tanker and other maritime application.

It have their uses from home, to the workplace, to the laboratory and the field. Precisely what equipment you will need depends on your needs, but making sure that you get the basics, plus a cartridge refills for your filters will ensure your most accurate results.