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Weekend Getaways are the new Paris

While taking long, far away vacations are nice, sometimes a simple weekend getaway can be just as fulfilling. If you are used to planning out once a year vacations for you and your family you might want to try a few short trips throughout the year for something different. There a most likely areas some consider to be gold mines close to home that you have never even heard, or thought of like Farmart Centre.

Coastlines are always full of history, culture, and really good food. If you live within driving distance of any type of beach, checking out a bed and breakfast could be fun. They are usually not located in the middle of the busy part of town and you can relax and experience real people in real time. You’ll most likely be within walking distance of the beach. Enjoy shops, fresh, local food, and of course, sleeping in.

People who enjoy extreme sports can look for areas to go white water rafting, canoeing, or kayaking. Terrain in those types of areas also makes for a good place to take out your ATVs and dirt bikes. While hotels can be very accommodating, this type of getaway might be more fun if you had a tent and camped out every night. You’ll have the freedom of the great outdoors all around you. Bring your sleeping bags and bunsen burner.

Resort stays are being replaced by ranch stays by the hundreds. Trade in the jacuzzi tub for fresh farm food and barn chores. Many find the work to be rewarding, and the campfires and fresh cooked food are well worth the effort. Plan to ride horseback into the sunset and waking up at the crack of dawn to the crow of a rooster.

Fishing expeditions can be fun, too. You can charter a boat or choose your own path when it comes to fishing. It might be better to charter a boat, however, if you’re new to fishing. The boat captains know when and where to get you on the fish. When looking for accommodations, look for ones with grills like cabins or small Inns instead of large chain hotels. After a long day of fishing, it’s nice to indulge in your fresh catch.

If you think you live in an area that has nothing to offer, you might be quite surprised if you went exploring. Take a spontaneous road trip for a new adventure. Pack a bag and see where the road takes you. Pick a different place on the map each day. Spend the day exploring the town and getting to know the people. Eat dinner where all of the locals recommend, and if you don’t have an RV find a unique little hotel to spend the night in.

When planning a getaway remember to include things you really enjoy doing. It’s not so much about seeing everything or doing everything a place has to offer. You want to make sure you include things you enjoy doing, new or old. You also want to find unique, even off the grid places to stay in to get the full experience. After all, it’s only a getaway. Why not try something new and exciting?