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The Stylish Appeal Of Glass Curtains

Anyone who has never heard of glass curtains before will probably wonder what they are. They are glass panes that operate and function much like curtains. Unlike windows, they do not have a framework surrounding them. This allows for a fantastic, one-piece panoramic view wherever they are installed.

Their Design

Glass curtains are individual interlocking panes of glass joined together. Although they are separate panels, they combine to appear as a single pane of sparkling glass. In addition to providing a wide uninhibited view of the outdoors, they can also be used to open up the dimensions of a small room. They are completely suitable in a modern d├ęcor when combined with stainless steel or stonework furnishings.

Similar to a curtain, they can be opened to reveal the outdoor space. Unlike a window, they slide and stack against each other in an organized accordion fashion when opened. This makes them easy to clean from the inside.

The interlocking panes are also built with safety in mind. They are made of strong, shatter-resistant glass and usually contain a side-locking feature that deters theft. Constructed with weather seals between the panes of glass, they provide protection from wind and the elements. They also help to reduce noise levels.

Glass curtains in Singapore are often used on balconies and patios, but they have many more stylish uses, such as in a residential roof or within a commercial building. Panels can be constructed to surround curves or corners, or to negotiate the unusual angles of a building.

Choosing The Right Manufacturer

This product is usually constructed based upon customer specifications, and will depend on the exact location you choose for your installation. You will want to talk to a designer about the best solution for your needs. You will also want to obtain a few quotes before making your final selection.

Consult the internet for a list of quality manufacturers. Tinted or frosted glass curtains can usually be ordered upon request.