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The Importance of Water Well Screens


Water Well Screens are one of those things that many people do not even fully realize exist, yet they are absolutely essential in order to keep water wells operating safely and efficiently. Without them, it would be virtually impossible to have a functioning water well that would last for any length of time whatsoever. The screens exist to filter out impurities and prevent pieces of debris that are too large from making it through the screen and being sucked up into the well.

 Why Screens Are Important

If these types of impurities were sucked up into the well, they could conceivably reach the pump. This in turn would almost spell certain doom for the pump itself, as being struck by a large piece of debris could cause it to stop functioning altogether. The truth is, there are a large number of individuals that do not even realize that water well screens are used because it is something that most of them never see. More often than not, the only ones that do see these types of screens are the ones who install them when they are drilling the well.

Different Types of Screens

From that perspective, it is also important to note that not all water well screens will function well with different types of systems. Sometimes a shutter type of screen is used and at other times, it requires a different manufacturing process in order to ensure that the well will be protected. It really comes down to the type of well that is in question as well as the type of earth that it has been drilled into. The more impurities that exists, the more important it is to ensure that a screen is put in place that is capable of getting the job done.


When it is all said and done, the proper water well screen is able to provide years of faithful service. In reality, there should not be any problem with the screen for as long as the water levels remain good enough for the well the function normally. In addition, installing the proper screen will help to ensure that no potential damage comes to the well from the drilling process.