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How To Effectively Clean A Carpet

One particular task that is important to help maintain the overall appearance of your home is carpet cleaning. Furthermore, it will also help keep everyone in your home healthy as well. If a carpet is stained in any way, it can provide a real distraction from even the most everyday activities, and even worse, dust and allergens from a dirty carpet can lead to serious health issues.

Here are the steps that you should make note of in order to effectively clean your carpet from iCleaning Services.

Prepare the Space

This is where you will need to remove any and all furniture pieces; however, if there are items that are too large or heavy to be moved, simply place plastic under the legs so that it can be protected from getting damaged by water.

Prepare the Carpet

The main thing to consider here is vacuuming the carpet as thoroughly as possible. Generally, you will need to go forward, back, left, then right, ensuring that you get every inch of the space.

Rent or Buy a Carpet Shampooer

These are items that you can find virtually anywhere, ranging from a hardware store to a grocery store. You will even be able to find the most appropriate detergent to help clean your carpet. If you plan to rent the shampooer, you will need to prepare the space ahead of time so that you can avoid paying for a longer rental time.

Plan an Effective Exit Route

This is especially important because once a carpet has been cleaned, it should be kept from walking on until it is completely dry. Typically, you should start cleaning in any area that is far away from the door and work your way towards that exit area.

Prepare the Cleaning Solution as Directed

Always prepare the cleaning solution as directed and never deviate otherwise. Typically, there are some carpet cleaning Singapore that already have shampoo in them, while you may have to purchase that item separately. Simply fill the water container on the carpet shampooer with water, then place in a small amount of detergent afterward.

Don’t Wear Shoes While Cleaning

Wearing shoes while cleaning a carpet can actually bring in more dirt and only create more work for you to do. Rather than wearing shoes, you will want to wear only either socks or plastic bags over your feet. Additionally, do not go barefoot while cleaning, as there are some detergents that can be harmful if they come into contact with bare skin once they have been applied to the carpet.

Let the Extractor Suck Up as Much Water as Possible

Carpet cleaners are typically designed to lay water down as they are pushed forward, while they suck up water as you pull it back. Try pulling the machine back as slowly as you can, which will allow it to pull up as much water as possible.

Ventilate the Space

This will allow the carpet to completely dry. To do this, open any available doors and windows. Generally, the carpet will need to be completely dry within 24 hours in order to prevent mold growth. Alternatively, you can also use air conditioners, blowers, fans, and dehumidifiers to help the carpet dry. While drying is occurring, which can take anywhere from 6-12 hours, you should not walk on it or place any furniture pieces back on it. Once the carpet has dried, you can remove any plastic that may have been placed on the legs of heavier furniture pieces.