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How Can Our Lives Be Better and Brighter, To Stay Sane with Vedic Maths

The ancient mathematics style of Vedic maths was rediscovered in the early 1900’s by Sri Bharati Krsna. It is a maths style often regarded as ‘Indian Maths’ but that is recognized in the mathematics and scientific community as structured system maths or mental maths.

The reason behind it being referred to as ancient maths is that it was a method applied in the early centuries, but then forgotten till more recently when rediscovered, by accident by Bharati Krsna.

It is designed to exercise the mind as mental processing is the best way to keep the mind active and helping to keep the synapses working. Needless to say, calculators were not available at a cheap price more than forty five years ago, and other methods were needed to get through complex calculations.

The beauty of the system of vedic maths is that it consists of 16 sutras or laws if you will. These laws are designed to be very simple in their application and can be seen to be very striking against the complex maths typically taught today.

The maths sutras are:

  •  By one, more than on before
  • All from 9 and the last from 10
  • Vertically and crosswise
  • Transpose and apply
  • If the samaccaya is the same, it is 0.
  • By addition and by subtraction
  • By completion or non completion
  • Differential calculus
  • By the Deficiency
  • Specific and general
  • The Remainders By the LAST Digit
  • The Ultimate and Twice the Penultimate
  • By One Less than the One Before
  • The Product of the Sum
  •   All the Multipliers.

Each one of these rules or sutras has a further set of sub sutras, but that does not fit into the scope of this article.

The idea is to understand that there are multiple ways to solve mathematical problems, and the vedic method uses mental techniques, that may be written down if you choose, but essentially, can all be resolved by mental mathematics processes.

When the techniques are mastered, it becomes almost a case of asking oneself why we didn’t apply these skills earlier?

Many people who have traditionally struggled with maths over many years find that with the basic explanations presented, wonder how it can be seemingly so straight forward.

It can be very confidence boosting for people with traditionally poor mathematical skills suddenly feeling able to solve problems that were earlier beyond their abilities. It is designed to be easy to learn and pick up, as well as helping the user to develop other problem solving skills as well.

While there are countless examples to choose from, let’s look at just one possibility.

Asking someone to calculate, mentally,

456734 X 999999 may seem really hard.

Actually, it is quite easy.

Simply, recopy the first number, but subtract 1.

Hence, write 456733 (noting the 3 and not the 4 at the end of the first number).

Then take 4 from 9 (the first digit of the first number), then 5 from 9 (the second digit of the first number) and so on, and you will get

456 733 543 266.

It can be hard to see in written form, but you are welcome to check this on a calculator to confirm it is accurate. Math Monkey Singapore teaches this to kids and how they solve maths problems using vedic or ‘knowledge’ maths.It has been found that most people who practice vedic maths are also clearer headed, more confident and generally happier, as their brains are working at a higher level.

It is all about keeping the brain exercised that also helps to keep the body and mind happy. Our lives can indeed be brighter with vedic maths.