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Foot massage and Its Benefits

Foot massage has been performed all over the world for many years now. Most if not all medical practitioners across the world will give it a clean bill of health because of the many benefits it boasts. Still, others doubt of its benefits.

Getting a herbal foot massage therapy does not perform any medical miracles. However, it brings with it healing benefits to particular diseases and ailments. Here are some of them:


In addition to helping you relax, a massage worth ten minutes, 5 minutes on every foot is extensively believed to relieve patients of cancer from pain and nausea. This is according to a research conducted and published in the Indian Journal of Palliative Care.

Post Op Pain

After suffering from an open cut, regardless of the part of your body, experiencing pain is inevitable. Just because your surgery is finished doesn’t mean the pain will also disappear. However, with a foot massage therapy, you can be able to get rid of the pain. This is according to the National Institute of Health.

Foot ulcers

Foot massage is highly effective when it comes to foot ulcers. This is especially true when it is administered on the problem area directly. It aids in increasing the flow of blood around the foot ulcer. It not only ensures blood flows properly in the affected area but oxygen too. A simple foot rub can benefit even the worst kind of foot ulcers such as the diabetic kind.

Cardiac surgery

A foot massage not only relieves post op pain but also generates a great feeling of well being. Getting this massage after cardiac surgery helps patients relax. It also helps overcome any anxiety you may be facing. The United States National Library of Medicine conducted a study that proved these facts.

Clearly, a foot massage brings with an array of benefits. Why not get one from Herbalfootcare today and discover its magic?