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Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail: Finding a Great Event Planner

Large events are almost always important, so the organization and execution of such events is a substantial responsibility. Corporate gatherings, weddings, and fundraising galas are some examples of events that benefit from professional planning. These events require managing people, presentations, activities for guests, and technology like lighting and music.

Dangers of Planning Events Yourself

These duties are not to be taken lightly, especially if the event is important. Unfortunately, planning the event on your own will require a significant amount of time and effort. This can take away from your work and personal life.

Even more important is that without experience in event planning, not only will mistakes be likely to occur, but you may lack the resources to deal with them when they happen.

Benefits of Event Planning Companies

Professional event planners can solve these issues, although some can be very expensive. Event planner Singapore have a great deal of experience that will allow them to better handle unexpected issues should they arise.

Further, professional planners will have a network of contacts in the industry. They will most likely be able to streamline the process of arranging food, music, decorations, and a myriad of other event features.

Choosing the Right Company

Professional event planning is clearly a good idea if you can afford it. The problem, however, is finding a suitable company to trust with your large event. Every company will advertise that it runs perfect, enjoyable events. Digging deeper than online advertisements is required to ensure a quality service is provided for your event.

Be Safe with Your Money

It is always recommended to check the authenticity and history of the company you are considering. If the company is brand new, or has no mention of past work on their website, there is a risk of fraud. Some fake companies will ask for advance payment, and disappear after the funds have been transferred.

The vendors and suppliers of the food, technology, and other aspects of the event should be researched as well. While the delivery of a memorable event depends on its planning and organization, the substance is what the people experience while at your event. Therefore, ensure only top quality vendors are supplying goods for the event.


Meeting with the event company in Singapore before making a final decision is a must. If the company gives a professional presentation, listens carefully to your needs and vision, and comes off as personable, it is probably a well run company.

Further, be sure to inquire about interactions with the company throughout the planning process. If you prefer to give them the general idea of the event and let them take care of the rest, that is fine. However, if you would prefer to offer critiques and ideas throughout the process, the company must be readily available and open to your ideas.

Do Your Research

If the company is well established, there should be online reviews to read. The most important factor of event planning is execution. If past clients found that plans fell through and events were poorly executed, it is best not to take a risk with that company. Speaking to contacts in the industry for corporate events who have used the company is always a good idea, because their events were probably similar to yours.

Ideally, the company itself will have testimonials, pictures, and videos from past events to show you. Nothing can give you more confidence than seeing real evidence of a past wedding that went so smoothly the bride and groom had only each other to focus on, for example.


Choosing the right event planning company can be a daunting task, because there are so many options. Seeking companies that specialize in the type of event you need to plan (weddings or corporate events for example) can streamline the process. Ultimately, the best choice is a professional company that communicates well, has a great history of successful planning, and is compatible with your vision for the event.