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Factors To Judge Wedding Music Bands Rates

Are you looking for a wedding music band for your event? Well, various individuals or groups offer the services, and therefore it is crucial that you make sure that they will charge you good rates depending on the performances they are supposed to provide.

What factors can you use to judge the wedding music band rates?


Experience is a key factor to consider when you receive the charging rates from the wedding music band in Singapore. This is because different people have different charges and the more the person has been in the industry, the higher the experience in singing on such occasions, and therefore their fee charges are expected to be a bit high. Also, such individuals are in high demand, and this is another factor that makes them have high rates.

The performing hours

This is another factor that you must not overlook. The majority of singers charge depending on the number of times they are going to perform in your wedding. Therefore if you need the singer to offer their services during the vows exchange, the charges will be entirely different from the rates they will charge for singing the entire day. So make sure that you select a music band like sparklelivemusic.com that charges reasonable rates depending on the time to perform your ceremony.


This is another determining factor when judging a wedding music band. How good are they in performing? For example, does he or she play other instruments apart from singing? These are some things to look at so as to determine if the rates they offer are worth or not. You can also ask around to verify if the singer has good skills from the place they have worked with before.

Ask for referrals

Finding a good performer for your wedding can be quite difficult especially if it is your first time to hire for such services. You cannot be able to judge the singer who is charging you fairly so to avoid being overcharged consider asking for help from a friend or relative especially if they have used such services before. You can also request them to help you choose a good singer who will charge you fair rate as well.