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Claber Gardening Tool Solutons for All Watering Needs

Growing plants provides you with many benefits. Their first benefit is the beauty they add to your life, but it goes much further. Plants have proven to play a significant role in giving us a pleasant and tranquil environment. You feel much less stress when surrounded by the beauty of flowers and greenery, and there is academic research proving interior landscaping dramatically affects the well-being of those in the building. Watering your plants may be challenging and could be why you haven’t added more plants to your environment. There is a solution to your watering needs.

Claber has a Solution for Every Plant

Claber can provide you with a solution to watering plants no matter where you’d like them planted. If you have an office that needs brightening with the beauty of greenery, Claber has developed a watering system created especially for potted plants. It is an easy and efficient method of ensuring your plant gets the right amount of water at the right time; even if you’re not present. Claber gardening tools include the Idris Spike that will distribute water into your potted plant using an average plastic bottle. Using the bottle means you do not need access to a water source, the spike and bottle of water will dispense the amount of water you pre-determine even when you’re not there to water.

From the Office to the Garden

Claber gardening tools offer you a solution to watering needs from the potted plant in your office to an irrigation system for your yard, garden, or hedges. Their water-saving irrigation systems will provide you with cutting edge solutions to get water to your precious plants and keep your yard or garden thriving. Claber cares about our environment and nature. They strive to safeguard the world around us and believe in delivering the best products to keep it safe and protected.

Claber gardening tools from Stevenleif are a new way of thinking for your watering needs from the Aqua-Magic system using no taps or electricity, to the Colibri System placed underground and tailor made to your needs, to the Idris method not requiring a connection to a water source. Claber makes the watering process as simple as the water itself.