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A Wide Range Of Choices For Balcony Blinds

Most balconies feature full-size glass doors which permit light to flood into the residence while also providing an entry to the balcony. The large glass doors allow a panoramic view of the skylight and city below.

As enchanting as the view is, sometimes privacy or semi-privacy is desired instead. During sunny, hot days, balcony doors can let in too much sunlight. On colder days, more warmth may be desired at the balcony entrance. Balcony blinds are made especially for the entrance of a balcony to solve both of these problems.

The type of blind you will want to use for your balcony will depend on the size of the balcony entrance and the type of doors you have at the entrance. For instance, blinds that are fitted to the door instead of the entrance may not work well with sliding glass doors.

You can choose from vertical or horizontal blinds in a large assortment of colours, with materials ranging from bamboo to wood, vinyl, aluminium and fabric. You can also purchase blinds for specific needs, such as blackout blinds, which completely block the view and provide heat protection, or light filtering blinds, which allow in most of the light but block the glare.

One thing to consider when choosing a blind is how it will affect the look of the rest of your home. Vertical blinds, which are a conventional choice for balcony entrances, tend to lengthen the look of a short room, particularly if they are chosen in light colours. If you have a narrow room, horizontal blinds will make it look wider in appearance. You will also want to match the particular style of blind to the d├ęcor in the rest of your home.

It’s important to measure the length and width of the total balcony entrance exactly before purchasing blinds. You may need custom-fitted blinds if the dimensions of your entrance are not standard.