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7 Ideas For Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift giving is a way for companies to show appreciation to its clients, prospective clients and employees. It is a critical tool that can be used to strengthen and nurture relationships, as well as express noticed value in the client or employee. It is important that a corporate gift is not given in exchange for a business relationship. It is not an incentive. A corporate gift is not used as a reward for employees for reaching predetermined goals. A corporate gift is merely used to show gratitude and appreciation. Below are some of the corporate gift ideas that you can consider:

1.) Food

Edibles are a popular corporate gift, especially around holiday seasons. Gift basket typically include cookies, chocolate and fruit. To avoid redundancy try a basket of healthy snack foods. Perhaps your client is a cheese aficionado? A basket of specialty cheeses will leave a longer lasting impression than a run of the mill cookie basket.

 2.) Wine/Spirits

Try an elegant bottle of wine or a trendy micro-brew craft beer. If you know your client is fond of, or collects, a particular spirit like scotch, gift the a bottle of a highly sought after bottle of scotch.

3.) Gift cards

Give gift cards a to great restaurant or retail store. Is your client an avid golfer? Try a gift card to a specialty golf store. If you are not familiar with your client, a gift card to a respectable steakhouse is always tasteful.

4.) Office supplies

Office supplies are a popular choice for corporate gifts. Personalized and high quality products, such as customized coffee mugs and monogrammed pen-holders, give a thoughtful touch.

5.) Subscription Boxes

Receiving a subscription box is fun, exciting and surprising. Boxes could include everything from different coffees, teas, hot sauces, books, or shaving accessories. Find out what your client’s interests are, and sign them up to receive a special gift each month.

6.) Tickets to Local Sporting Events/Concerts

Gifting a client tickets to a local sporting event or ensures that they will have an entertaining, memorable moment on your behalf.

7.) Charity/Donations

Giving the gift of a charitable donation allows your client to make a donation to a charity, in place of receiving a physical gift. Either the business can make a donation to a charity in the client’s name, or the business can purchase gift cards that allow the client to donate to the charity of their choice.